Resources from UKMT Teacher Meetings 2015

Item size Download
York, UKMT Session York Teacher Meeting - Steve Mulligan UKMT.ppt 1589K download
Coventry Teacher Meeting 2015 Challenge-surd-questions.rtf 17K download
Crossnumber.doc 128K download
Factors-multiples-and-primes.rtf 53K download
Factors-multiples-and-primes-solutions.rtf 6K download
Kangaroo-calendar-questions-and-weblink-2015.docx 309K download 5MB download
reviews-alphabetical-2015.docx 42K download
Slides-for-Coventry-2015-UKMT-presentation.pptx 1237K download

Resources from UKMT Teacher Meetings 2013

Item size Download
Warwick : July 2nd Crossnumber-2103.doc 132K download
David Crawford
WarwickTalkPowerpoint.pptx 4203K download
AnglesFollowmeQuestions.docx 24K download
  MathsChallengeAngleFollowGrid.docx 13K download
  AnglesFollowmeAnswers.docx 37K download
Cambridge : July 3rd UKMT Presentation Cambridge 2013.pptx 255K download
NRich presentation Link to the NRich presentation link
University of Southampton Book reviews - alphabetical.doc 66K download
− Stephen Power
Crossnumber-2013b.doc 128K download
Kangaroo calendar - questions and weblink.docx 318K download
Linked revision questions.docx 21K download
Howard Groves York.pptx 913K download
−  Cardiff, York and Liverpool
  Millfield comp July 2012.docx 30K download
Millfield Competition.xls 23K download
  Millfield comp template.docx 19K download

Resources from UKMT Teacher Meetings 2012

Item size Download
Bristol & Cambridge Crossnumber-2012.doc 128K download
  Stephen Power
Alphabetical reviews in the Maths Section of the Library.docx 41K download
Kangaroo website.docx 128K download
Greenwich − Howard Groves UKMT Greenwich Presentation.pdf 146K download
  This is a pdf file of a powerpoint presentation.  
Greenwich − NRich presentation Link to the NRich presentation link

Resources from UKMT Teacher Meetings 2011


Item size Download
Greenwich − Liz Meenan Creative geometry - the easy way_frontpage.doc 32K download
Polygon colour 2987K download
Polygon colour 9M download
Greenwich - Stephen Power Crossnumber-for-Greenwich-Teacher-Meeting-2011.doc 128K download
Reviews-alphabetical.doc 66K download
Link to European Kangaroo cross-curricular questions in French
Bristol − Ceri Fiddes FIZZ-BUZZ-2011.doc 54K download
Fizz-Buzz-2011.ppt 1620K download
Fizz-Buzz-Team-Maths-Challenge-2011.ppt 1617K download
GroupRoundQ11.doc 1593K download
House-MathsSpeedRound11.doc 1624K download
HouseMathsBonusQ11.doc 1544K download
SpeedRound-team-challenge.docx 1518K download
Team-Maths-Challenge-3-Fizz-Buzz.doc 55K download
3Percentage-Points-Game.rtf 805K download
RelayScoreSheet-1.xls 21K download
Millfield-Maths-Trail-question-sheet-1.doc 4M download
Millfield-Maths-Trail-answer-sheet-1.doc 4M download
Millfield-Map-2011.docx 314K download